About Us


Hubro Therapeutics AS is a privately held Norwegian biotech company founded in 2018 and located in Oslo. Our focus is on development of novel proprietary anti-cancer vaccines. We believe that cancer vaccines will play important roles for the further improvement of immunotherapy of cancer. By providing increased levels of anti-cancer reactive T cells it is our desire and sincere hope to improve the lives of cancer patients

Our vaccines are based on peptides corresponding to neoantigens resulting from frameshift mutation characteristically present in cancers caused by genetic microsatellite instability (MSI). The underlying cause of MSI is known and can be diagnosed. Therefore, in addition to treatment of cancer, our vaccines can also have a potential in a prophylactic setting for protection against development MSI related cancer. The vaccines are designed to entail nested epitopes for both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells.

Our lead candidate vaccine is FMPV-1 which targets frameshift mutation in the transforming growth factor b receptor 2 (TGFbR2) gene, frequently present in colorectal and stomach cancer.


30.05.2020          16.5 million NOK raised in second financing round

28.05.2020;         Patent application covering multiple neo-antigens filed at the European Patent Office

30.06.2019;         7.15 million NOK raised in first financing round

29.05.2019;         Patent application covering TGFbR2 neo-antigens filed at The European Patent Office

30.01.2019;         Tax refund programme (Skattefunn) for 2019-2021 approved

14.01.2019;         0.7 million NOK grant received from Innovation Norway